balinese new year
Balinese New Year
Balinese New Year - Nyepi Day
These day for fasting are the only holy days calculated according to the Hindu - Balinese solar calender and Nyepi is meant as the Hindu - Balinese New Year's day. Annually at the beginning of the tenth month or at the end of the ninth month or in March. Nyepi day is celebrated throughout Bali. For year 2017 will clelebrate on 28th March 2017 (Caka Year 1939).

These fasting days are guided by the rotation of earth around the sun and have a mystical and coslogical meaning, the festival of lasts for three days. At the end of the ninth month, on the first day, ceremonies are carried out dedicated to the gods, charu (offering) are also given to mother earth and to all powers of the netherworld (spirit). On this day late afternoon the peoples bring the ogoh - ogoh (symbol of spirit) around to the village, to let the spirit away from the village.

On the second day, very early in the morning, before arise people begin taking a bath, which is then followed a small breakfast. Soon after sunrise, people commence fasting ceremonies and stay indoors. People are not allowed to steam rice or light fires. In the evening they may not use lamps. All people young and old, carry out fasting and may not take meals for twenty four hours. Traffic is completely stopped except for capital ambulances and policeman who are on duty, airport in Bali are closed too except in emergency flight.

Ogoh - Ogoh photos during the celebration

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bali new year
Bima Ogoh-Ogoh
ogoh-ogoh bali
Kala Ogoh-Ogoh

Jatayu Ogoh-Ogoh

balinese new year
Celuluk Ogoh-Ogoh
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